Exciting Job Opportunity at [Insert Name of Newaged Advertising Agency Here]!


  • Enjoy french press coffee at the coffee bar!
  • Get a company card!
  • Use your unlimited PTO!
  • Bring your pet! (We hope it’s a dinosaur LOL)
  • Take off your shoes!
  • Drink beer from the kegs! There is one in every conference room!
  • Eat free tacos on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays!
  • Work from home on Sundays!
  • Know that “we” “support” “your” “side” “hustle!”
  • Expense meals when working past 2am!
  • Rest your hands on the tiny dollhouse beds provided on your desk. It’s better than sleep!
  • Go to the second floor. It’s a ball pit!
  • Go to the third floor. It’s an illusion!
  • Be entertained by juggling clowns in the elevators!
  • Blow off some steam at the ping-pong table in the lobby.  Play with Bryan! He’s always there!
  • Get your eyelids removed at the front desk!
  • (HAHA Bryan was in your head, silly!)
  • Get your own marshmallow gun to protect you from the clown that might be following you around the office!

If interested send your resume to Marsha in HR.

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