Peace on Earth

Judge: The court is now in session. Plaintiff, please state your case.

Hannah: I was only talking because Sarah was talking.

Judge: Defendant, please state your case.

Sarah: My cousin and Hannah have the same shoes.

Judge: Come again?

Sarah: I was telling Hannah she and my cousin have the same shoes.

Hannah: But, Mrs. Wilson told us not to talk during announcements, Sarah! I was only talking to tell you not to talk to me. This is the third time you have done this to me! Now look where we are. Look what has become of us!

Judge: Order! Sarah, for the crime of talking during Mrs. Wilson’s announcements, after a series of crimes of the same lot, and entrapping Hannah in the process, I am sentencing you to fifteen years in prison followed by one thousand hours of community service followed by two thousand hours of house arrest followed by a lifetime sentence to the moon followed by another fifteen years in prison. Case dismissed.

**Outside the courtroom**

Reporters: Hannah, Hannah! How does it feel knowing justice is served?

Hannah: I can’t say that I am happy with this outcome, but when the teacher says to shake your hips and shut your lips, then you have to, no exceptions. Sarah had it coming.

Reporters: Sarah! How does it feel knowing you are going to spend the rest of your life living with this guilt?

Sarah: I’m not sorry! Where is the camera? Where?! Oh, ok… this is my message to the world. No one will silence me. Not Hannah. Not the judge. Not Mrs. Wilson. Not Mrs. Milligan. Not Mr. Craig. No one! The next time I notice that two people have the same shoes, I’m telling EVERYONE. And I’m not whispering. I’m saying it LOUD. No matter WHAT else is going on. Announcements my ass. If you all really had something so important to say, why not try grabbing my attention by being interesting, you dull MULES!

Police: Sarah, come with us.

Sarah: And in prison, where I’m guessing we all wear the same shoes, everyone is going to be painstakingly aware of outfit coordination ALL THE TIME. I hope you’re happy! The blood is on YOUR hands!

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